Dana at Winter Harvest March 2017

Everyday I am thankful for this wonderful experience to witness the seed to seal of the Northern Light Black Spruce essential oil. The entire experience not just about essential oil, it’s much much more beyond what we have seen. It’s about humanity, community, the love to serve & genuine care for each other.

This trip and the experience really impact every steps of my life. From harvesting, processing, cooking, bottling. We experienced every steps the SEED TO SEAL.

While we easily just get our from bottle of oil on hand, open it and using it whether diffuse or application. Don’t forget there’s a series of stories behind. Before you open the cap…

1. Get the trees down from bare hand, move to machine get chopped and load into truck then shipped to distillery farm. It’s look real simple… but in actual fact…. Few people on the freezing winter ground, working under weather with minus 15-35 degree to get this “product”. ���

2. After leave it over a night, which allowing the freezing wood chips to “room temperature”. Second day, workers will load thousands of litre of wood chips into the huge 7500litrs cooker. To get the best result & maximise process with one round of cooking. There are few guys require to be inside the cooker constantly stomping every corner and flatten it inside.

3. To Ensure the entire cooking process with over 300 degree goes well, there are technicians to stand by and constant monitor the engine & machines goes well. This cooking process took approximately 3-4 hours.

4. Finally there are hot steam coming out with oils and floral water. This need to go through a cooling process to separate out water & oils. And here you go the oils bubbling upwards on top of gallons Floral water. This is the joyust moment. #happiness

5. Carefully take out the oils while make sure Floral Water will have a big stainless steel bucket to hold on everything.

6. The “raw” oils will need to be filter with a non bleached coffee filter paper to do the final filteration. The oils will keep in the huge stainless steel bucket and ship back to HQ for bottling.

7. Each COOK will keep a small portion to do test on site. Above the distillery farm will have a Lab test room. Test and keep as report on the quality.

8. To determine the quality of oils, similar like how we generally look at diamond. Colour, clarity, but oils have Scents. #notmyscents #myscents

9. Bottle the oil into a glass and labelling will be the last.

10. Ship the tiny bottles to worldwide offices, which allow you hold on the “ESSENCE OF TREES” which grow wild in the north of the world. The trees which grow over 20-50 years.

11. Enjoy your oiling. ❤





#northernlightblackspruce #NLBS


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