Friends & Oiling journey 

I’m happy to have my dear friends became Oil lovers like me. Rachel Chua, a very close Friend over 10years. She’s a wise lady, easy going to hang out, genuine + kind heart ❤️ helping her friends through the journey. AND, without even looking at anything about income. I thank God we able to walk this journey together.

Tan Hui Shan is a close friend in my 1st mommy group. We see each other grow with our big bump, giving birth process, woe with breastfeeding’s ups n down. She’s very cautions what will be introduce to her princess. Went through a lot of studies, research, readings before she finally say yes to try on oiling. Today, she’s one of the pioneer leading entire My Scents towards a task & focus oriented direction. How amazing!


I been using using essential oils for over 14 years. Not just for general well being or emotionally support. Especially towards my face with full volcano 🌋 aka “pimple”!! Indeed, it’s NOT an easy journey to have such a transformation myself and I’m glad Essential Oil really allow me “FACE OFF”. 💕

Oiling with Young Living #youngliving not just change my family lifestyle and also another level rise of personal empowerment. Health is the very 1st thing also very important before anything. Treasure the time & love with your family.

I’m so glad and proud to say: “YES, I am oiler”!

How about you?


#youngliving #yleo

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