Northern Light Black Spruce, BC Canada

Two years back, I saw the post by some of my friends whom has travelled to the Winter Harvest trip together with the One Drop Team. I have seen their beautiful photos that is surrounded by thick white snow as well as the Seed to Seal process of the Northern Light Black Spruce (NLBS) Essential Oil. This stir up much curiosity, wonder and imagination in me e.g. what would it be if I were to experience all of those on my own.

It is with much disbelief that I actually managed to realise this dream two years later by joining the One Drop team as part of their 16-member team to British Columbia. I felt very blessed and fortunate to be able to have this privilege to witness the Seed-to-Seal process of the NLBS essential oil.

We took Cathay Pacific flight from Singapore to Hong Kong for further transit to Vancouver. We stayed in Vancouver for 3 nights and visited the Olympic Park and Whistler (You can read my posting on this stay here). We then took another domestic flight from Prince George Airport in Vancouver to Fort Nelson. The view from the airplane was of an endless horizon of snow covered land and forests. I experience a mixed emotion of excitement and anxiety as we flew in the northern part of our planet. On one hand, I am excited to see and experience a new world, but on the other, I am anxious of the new environment, especially because this is my first experience with sub-zero temperatures and thick snow.

Upon our arrival and stepping out of the plane, we are immediately greeted warmly by the bone chilling temperature in the air. We are met by the local team of the plantation (Sarah, Cody, Charlotte), whom brought us to the next best supermarket to load up on our supplies for our entire duration at the plantation. Our grocery comes up to a total of C$1,200 for 16 person for the next 6 days. Our accommodation in the plantation is a log cabin that has existed for more than a century. It suffered two fires but the fire place has remained unscathed despite the incidents. The log cabin is filled with thick scents of NLBS when we arrived, thanks to the local team for diffusing the essential oil prior to our arrival.

There are three bedrooms and a mezzanine floor that could comfortably accommodate all 16 of us. There are two bathrooms in the log cabin with heated water facility. There is even a bathtub available but we did not utilise it for the entire trip knowing that water scarcity is a real problem here. We are provided with the full range of cleaning products by Young Living Co. which made us felt pampered knowing that they put in much effort to make us feel welcomed. The kitchen is fully equipped and there is even two series of vitality range essential oil for our use in our cooking. The team before us has also left plenty of dried goods for us. Its heartwarming to arrive at a foreign place but felt that it is like coming back to your home and more. This log cabin is like the dream house that I had longed for.

We drew up multiple rooster for our entire stay there to ensure that there will be smooth accommodation for all 16 of us. This include a shower rooster, kitchen rooster and Northern Light rooster. The reason for the Northern Light rooster is for us to chase the Aurora Borealis as we could not spent too much unnecessary time on this activity. We knew later that there is an App that shows the best timing for successful viewing of the Northern Lights, which could probably spare some of our team mates of the sickness they suffered as a result of chasing the lights. While the rest of the party headed out for dinner, my travel buddy, NP and I stayed back at the log cabin for a quick fix for our Asian cravings of instant noodle. We also went out for a short while to tick off our to-do-list of making a snow angel.

To be continued…

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