Jump Shots

Been wanting to do this series of shots! *Jump Shots*

It’s look simple ya? Just hop and shoot. Actually lot of “backgrounds” work gotta do.

Firstly, you will need to have a selfie 🤳 stand which able to hold your phone and capture your whole body & the background you wanted to be in the same photo. If you don’t have a remote controller then you only able to do it with timing control. Which also mean, you gotta run up and down, press on the phone button, maybe even up to 10 times until you get a decent idealistic shoot. This would be very tiring and the quality definitely is not ideal with your face like – Running 🏃‍♀️ Man.

Otherwise, if you have a travel partner, they also can be human selfie 🤳 stick. With voice remote control 😆 Get him to help you with all the shots. Well, this will be the last option for me though

Last but not least, get a GO PRO! This maybe not the best is work for us perfectly. We get in line, everyone get in the “frame” of the ideal photo. You can even monitor the stand position + movement through your phone. And press click, photo taken! DONE ✅

This photo as attached we only taken twice and it’s done. It’s time for me to buckle up and learn about how this gadget work since we already have it 😆 (lousy in gadgets)

If you require more information ℹ️ on GO PRO. Click here the link below, as I can’t help you much with this, not a savvy person in gadgets 😆




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