San Francisco

Fen Chua said never expected she will able visit here in San Fran when looking at all those photos. ( i have the same thought too 😍) and there I am here twice less than a year. Such transformation for two of us, at least for me. From a SAHM (my last official job) and […]

Clam Chowder in Seattle

Friend been sharing we should really visit to this very specific Restaurant of Clam Chowder. First day we miss out this greatness, we walking along the main road and pass by this restaurant in the ally. We decided to head back in the morning before we board the cruise 🚢 Very Glad we did travel […]

Space Needle

Space Needle. Direct translation to mandarin- #太空针塔。 . I will recommend to visit this place when next time you’re in Seattle, Washington. It’s an amazing experience where you able to experience outdoor from a landmark tower like this. Most of towers around the world, we will only able to view from a glass window. We […]

Snoqualmie Falls Park

Yesterday USA 🇺🇸 time : 14th June, we visited this beautiful place — Snoqualmie Falls Park #Snoqualmie Thankfully we still able reach around 6pm after we pick up the episode of car “missing”. Also we got caught in a Long jam at the freeway. Everything happen in great timing. [Snoqualmie Falls is a 268-foot (82 […]

Jump Shots

Been wanting to do this series of shots! *Jump Shots* It’s look simple ya? Just hop and shoot. Actually lot of “backgrounds” work gotta do. Firstly, you will need to have a selfie 🤳 stand which able to hold your phone and capture your whole body & the background you wanted to be in the […]

Amazon Go experience

7th June: Seattle, Washington DC This day we experience this WOW 😮 shop, online been sharing. Indeed, it’s really an interesting experience. I do hope you can try this! Seriously…You just GRAB & GO anything you want to buy and walk out of the shop! No scanning require, and No one will ask you for […]

Europe: 72 Days

🌿 Time to go for an Adventure in life, Great Family Bonding, create a Super Awesome Memory once a life time with my loved ones… Many times we have lots of stuff keep us busy, children school activities, on-going projects at work. Which cause us put aside the dream we use to have. And the Dream […]